The DFCD Supports Forest Carbon to Bring Forest Restoration Projects to Market

    The Fund’s Origination Facility Supports the Identification of Tropical Peatland and Mangrove Projects for Future Investment from €160 Million Fund

    JAKARTA – Forest Carbon announced today that the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DCFD) has awarded a €250,000 grant to evaluate new wetland forest restoration projects in Indonesia. The funding will enable Forest Carbon to link its growing pipeline of projects to investment capital from a consortium of investors.

    “This grant is a signal of strong support for our company’s proven approach to large-scale tropical forest restoration in Southeast Asia,” said Jeffrey Chatellier, Managing Director of Forest Carbon. “The DCFD is helping us reduce risk to investors and quickly evaluate new opportunities. Our company is in Indonesia because it contains one-third of the world’s peat and mangrove wetlands, offering potential for globally significant climate and ecological impact.”

    The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development is managed by a consortium that includes FMO, SNV Netherlands Development Organization, Worldwide Fund for Nature and Climate Fund Managers.

    “The DCFD has a mandate to develop large scale landscape restoration projects and make investments in such projects accessible to commercial investors.” said Darren Moens, Capital Raising & Business Development Executive for Climate Fund Managers. “Forest Carbon’s work clearly aligns with our goal of enhancing the health of critical wetland ecosystems through Climate Investor Two.”

    SNV is supporting Forest Carbon’s social and environmental assessment activities, to meet investors ESG requirements and to enhance the long-term success of each project. Richard McNally, SNVs lead on climate and business for DFCD, also highlighted the fund’s mandate for a landscape approach to develop synergies between co-located investments. ‘’We are seeking to invest in multiple projects across sectors within each landscape to increase our longterm impact. We are very excited to be working with Forest Carbon to protect some of the most significant ecosystems in Indonesia.”

    About Forest Carbon
    Forest Carbon restores degraded tropical forests. The company is a premium restoration project developer in Southeast Asia that delivers benefits for local communities, biodiversity and investors through a proven business model. With offices in Jakarta and Singapore, Forest Carbon has built on a track record of success in the region. The team brings a decade of experience working on the ground, mapping wetlands and assessing below-ground carbon storage, hiring local workers and obtaining community support. Forest Carbon is scaling its approach by investing in technology with the potential to transform the way forest restoration is delivered at scale.