Building farmers’ climate resilience in Zambia


    On Friday, 17 February 2023, SNV’s DFCD (Dutch Fund for Climate and Development) team signed a funding agreement with Steward Globe Ltd (SGL), an emerging seed company, to build farmers’ climate resilience in Zambia.

    The DFCD origination grant funding provided is € 308,862. Following the agreement, the DFCD will support SGL by providing climate-resilient seeds and extension services. In addition, the company will use the funds to carry out market research, train approximately 700 new smallholder farmers in Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices and conduct Gender Equality and Social Inclusive Studies.

    The Company SGL commits € 150,477 to the project. The signing event was carried out by Mrs Stephanie Angomwile, CEO of SGL and Mrs Lucy Fulgence, Country Director SNV Zambia, and was witnessed by staff from both organisations.

    Signing of the agreement

    Signing of the agreement

    Team picture

    SNV and and Stewart Global team

    Stewards Globe Limited

    Stewards Globe Limited is an emerging seed company with an edge to provide solutions to smallholder agricultural productivity with improved cereals, legumes seed varieties and technological transfer. The company aims to increase food security and incomes of smallholder farming communities in Zambia which account for 90% of agricultural output and those beyond our frontiers.

    For more information

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