The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) is looking to invest in scalable climate solutions.

    Any private sector entity with total value of assets or annual turnover of at least EUR 6 million can apply for funding from the DFCD.

    We assess each application based upon the project’s impact, commercial feasibility, and scalability. Some additional elements that we might consider include:

    • The track record of the applicant/sponsor, specifically in the relevant industry.
    • Whether there is already an available market for the product or service.
    • Whether the project fits in the wider landscape, benefiting local stakeholder needs, and has a positive impact on improving ecosystem and community resilience (according to the OECD Rio Marker 2 methodology).
    • Preference for local offices of one of the DFCD consortium members: our partners WWF, SNV, CFM and FMO are available to provide continued support to the projects.

    Application Criteria

    Eligible Country

    Project is located in Uganda, Kenya or Bangladesh. This could be in or outside the landscapes.

    Commercial Viability

    Project is potentially commercially viable & financially sustainable.

    Rio Marker 2

    Principal objective of the project is to improve climate adaptation or mitigation (according to the OECD Rio Marker 2 methodology).

    National Ownership

    Aligned with national development plans and priorities of the host country, and the project is aligned.

    Vulnerable Groups

    Includes objectives or activities aimed at vulnerable groups (poor, disabled, children, other) and/or generating positive impact for women.

    No Excluded Activities

    No Activities such as Deforestation, Fossil Fuels, or Nuclear Energy. There is a full list that can be requested.

    Size of the Organisation

    Lead organisation receiving funding should be a private sector entity and have total value of assets or annual turnover of at least 6 million Euros.

    Long term need for finance

    Project has the potential to scale up with a long term finance need of at least 6 million Euros.


    Project should be able to co-invest, cash/in kind via own or external resources, at least 25% development grants sought from DFCD, which is up to 350.000 Euros for this challenge.

    Financial Additionality

    Should have the ambition for seeking long-term financial support from DFCD and other sources of finance are currently sparse